World Cup 2018: Argentina Vs. Iceland - This one is on Lionel Messi

Messi's chance to seal the game came at the 63rd minute and was stopped by Iceland's number 1 Hannes Halldorsson who lead Iceland to a 1-1 draw in their debut World Cup match. The only discernible flaw in Lionel Messi's game is his conversion rate at the spot. The eye test alone will reveals that he is uncomfortable at the penalty spot and the statistic reveal that he consistently is not making them. The Barcelona star created chances throughout the game both for himself and for despite Iceland's best efforts to clog any and all openings whenever he had the ball at his feet. Sampaoli's decision to bench Higuain came to fruit as his replacement as Argentina's lone striker, Aguero, scored a screamer to give his side the lead early in the first half. This was then equalized a few minutes later by Iceland's Alfred Finnbogason slotted in Iceland's first and their World Cup maiden into the net to level the game and the match. 

The pressure is know on Argentia to perform and deliver. Their next game against Croatia is likely to decide their fate in this year's World Cup. Iceland will fancy their chances against Nigeria in potentially making to the knockout stages in the event they get a favourable result. This was a historic result as smallest nation by population to qualify for the World Cup. Argentina are over a 100 times the size of their opponents by populous. The entire Argentinian squad needs to step up in their next fixture while everything from here on out is just cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake that is Iceland's qualification for the World Cup. 

Man of the Match: Hannes Halldorsson 

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