Gonzala Higuain to Chelsea could well be in it's final stages..

Giuseppe Marotta, the CEO of Juventus, has some interesting comments for his clubs star striker. Gonzalo Higuaín has had a massive impact on the team’s performances since joining the Old Lady with his goal scoring abilities guiding them to consecutive Serie A titles (with the club winning seven on the trot). Since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, many have wondered how the Argentinean striker would fit alongside the reigning Ballon d’Or title holder. This isn’t the first time that the two could share the field together. The pair have previously played with each other as they both donned the colors of Real Madrid. Higuaín however was sold to Napoli as the Spanish club saw that Karim Benzema was a much better complement for Ronaldo’s style of play. With the Portuguese talisman all set to share a locker room with him again, will Higuaín once again have to change teams?     

He brings goals for any interested party. Plain and simple. He’s a resume stacked with season after season of consistently finding the back of the net. He comes with the ability to run between lines and read the movement of defenders to create space for himself. Gonzalo Higuaín is not the kind of striker to play with his back to the goal. Holding up the ball and facilitating attacks with wide players is a skillset that Higuaín has never had. They 30 year old is known for creating space for himself and is a lethal poacher in the box. He plays a more traditional center forward role where he operates as a lone striker that his team relies as their best scoring option. It is a role that he has excelled at for years, scoring 20 goals or more in each of his past five seasons. 

The connection between him and the new Chelsea manager Sarri is obvious. Higuaín played under him while the Italian held the reigns at Napoli. Some of Higuaín’s best seasons came under Sarri – with the Argentine scoring 24, 29, and 38 goals in his three seasons in Naples. He is the kind of player who plays himself into shape as the season progresses. Sarri is possible the only manager who was able to get Higuaín in the best shape possible at the start of the season – and this resulted in him scoring a league record of 36 goals in the Serie A. His numbers have since dropped after his move to Juventus, though it has translated into silverware. With 32 and 23 goals in his two seasons in Turin, he is still a proven goal scorer as he approaches near the end of his prime. He is a tested player in Italy who dominated the league with goals. This is a statement that can only be said about a few players in football. Hence, the growing interest in him on A.C. Milan’s part. Calling him a proven scorer is an understatement. With a torrid history of signing players in recent years, Higuaín might be the one good acquisition that the club has made for some time now. A.C. Milan have caught themselves under trouble with regards to Financial Fair Play and will have to let go of some of their players to accommodate Higuaín  

That being said, Chelsea are still in the hunt for an out-and-out Number 9. They thought that Alvaro Morata would be an adequate replacement for a disgruntled. The former Real Madrid player has struggled over the past year with injuries and inconsistencies. He has never had the mantle of being the lead threat in a team’s attack and has therefore struggled to adjust to the Premier League. With the addition of Sarri as the head coach and knowing that the two have an excellent rapport, you can see why London could be an attractive destination for the Argentinian striker. With the transfer window in England closing before the season kicks off and with Eden Hazard having an uncertain future in London; having Higuaín could make or break Chelsea’s season. He is obviously a much better player than either of their center forward options in Morata and Olivier Giroud. The Frenchmen is better suited as a backup player who can occupy both center backs with his physical presence. After only one season in the Premier League, there are strong indications that the Spanish Striker is eyeing a move out of England. Morata and Higuaín could likely be used in a player swap deal between Chelsea and Juventus.    

Both A.C. Milan and Chelsea are eager to get a player of Higuaín’s caliber for varying reasons. In either scenario, both clubs have a player that they can send back to Juventus given that there are now reports the Bonucci has desperate for move back to the Old Lady. The clearest indication that Higuaín does not have a future in Turin is from the CEO of the club himself. Anytime when a person of Giuseppe Marrota’s importance publically questions the role and future of the player, it is safe to assume that said player is likely to be shipped off. So it can stand with reason that Higuaín does not have a future with Ronaldo F... Sorry. Juventus F.C.



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