NBA Draft Recap

Who had the best draft? 

The Dallas Mavericks, no question. The made a gutsy decision to take up and give up a draft pick to the Hawks to trade Doncic. They were also able to draft Jaylen in the second round who is a reliable point guard who's skills will translate to the NBA. Both players are proven winners as they come into the NBA. They Offseason is not over for the Mavericks. They are still looking to be acquire a center and have been linked with plenty. Regardless, this was a pivotal moment in the history of the Dallas Mavericks. They have now surround Dennis Smith Jr. with a young yet competitive group of players and that could potentially make a run for the 8th seed. 

The 76ers also came out as winners in this draft. Brett Brown took a great risk by trading Mikal Bridges to get Zhaire Smith. The key to making this draft a win for the Philly franchise is obtaining a 2021 unprotected pick from the Miami Heat. They also cleared some cap space by trading down to 16 which is essential for their offseason plans as they aspire to land the likes of Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James as free agents. Coaches have a history of not making bright decisions when they are given the responsibilities of the front office. That being said, Brown made a bold decision that plays in his teams' favor. 

The best fit for a Player and Organization  

Lonnie Walker IV. The first player to be drafted by the Spurs who was born after they won their first title, he has the best star potential outside of the players that was drafted in the lottery. He comes into the NBA with a reliable skill set and is decent all-round player. If anyone can turn decent players into stars, it is Gregg Popovich. He has his work cut out for him but Popovich but Walker is the kind of players to fit the mold of a Spur. Also, Walker and Dejounte Walker is an intriguing back court. They can both play off of each other and have the requisite skill set to dominate in the NBA. 

The Biggest Steal in the draft?   

The Suns had a favourable draft and definitely got the steal of the draft in Elie Okobo. A combo guard coming out of the French League, Okobo comes with an impressive skill set that will smoothly transition into the NBA. Someone to compliment off of their star - Devin Booker - the Frenchman is a remarkable off the dribble shooter who is active off the ball and can finish consistently at the rim. His downsides include inconsistencies as an on ball defender, average ability to handle the ball, and the fact that he is still learning to play the point guard position. Phoenix is a young team poised to make strides in the coming years and Okobo will be a stable presence in their team.  

The Biggest Surprise in the Draft? 

Be it the Hawks taking Trae Young with the 5th pick, Michael Porter Jr. (a.k.a MP2) dropping to the end of lottery or the Clippers in general for the night; this years draft had more surprises that what meets the eye. 

Teams late in the lottery like the Knicks and the Cavaliers where linked and had shown interest in the Oklahoma point guard though nobody saw him going this high in the draft. Trae Young lit the college world by leading all players in both assists and points scored. However, his flaws are glaringly obvious and were put on display for the world to see in the second half of the college season. The risks in drafting him this high are significant. Despite drawing comparisons to Stephen Curry, it is still likely that he may not live up to that potential. 

Medicals do not lie. Though for MP2, they sure as hell are a massive setback. Nobody is questioning the fact that there were plenty of risk coming in to draft the Missouri forward. (Can we even call him that?) It is shocking that not one of the teams in the late lottery did not have the moxie to take a chance and draft MP2. He is a top 3 talent and comes with equally high risk and reward. On the other hand, this exact statement could also be applied to many of the other players drafted in the lottery as well. Only time will tell if the Nuggets can reap the rewards of MP2 or if the 12 teams higher up in the lottery made the right choice by not taking the risk.  

The Los Angeles Clippers, the sad puppy of the NBA. Coming in to this draft, they were linked to almost all the top prospects. From Bamba, to stealing MP2, to trading up to get Luka Doncic; every scenario possible was all but likely for the other L.A franchise. They instead took the safe route and drafted Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson the latter of which did not seem like a lottery prospect till the waning days before the draft. Robinson comes into the NBA as a versatile scorer and reliable defender, there are questions about his play making and his effort. That being said, both guards come with each having sound foundations and the essential length to succeed on both ends of the court.   

Who was the Biggest Draft disappointment? 

The team that would have set the tone for the rest of the 2018 draft, the Sacramento Kings did everybody in the NBA world expected them to do. While there was some speculation that they might trade down due to their torrid draft history, they chose not to. They did not even give the allure of drafting Luka Doncic, the most accomplished and impact ready player in the draft. While Marvin Bagley III comes in as a high upside player, the Kings could have really changed the course of the draft had they played their cards differently. What to go Sacramento. way to be outside but pressed right next to the box.    



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