Winners and Loser of the Awards Show

Winner: Lou Williams

With Drake’s new album coming out in a matter of hours, I’m almost certain that he will drop another reference to current sixth man of the year. And there is no denying that he deserves it. This has easily been the best year for Williams after 13 seasons in the league and having previously won the Sixth Man of the Year award three years ago. He was at his best when the Clippers needed him the most averaging a career high 22.6 points a game this season; nearly carrying the franchise to the 8th seed in the Western Conference. He became the only player in history to average a career-high of 20 points or more this late into their career. Williams was even an All-Star candidate and deservedly so. He was the ideal spark and managed to put up 35 points or more six times in the past season – every other bench player in the league combined for one less than Williams. 

Loser: The Timing of the Awards Show - It’s a great concept but it should be hosted in-between the regular and postseason.

The now former Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors, Dwayne Casey, built a strong case for himself to win the NBA Coach of the Year award. He led the Raptors to a franchise-record 59 wins and secured the One Seed in the East for his squad. Casey also showed why the NBA awards should not happen after the Finals. He accepted the award in front of his peers and the rest of the basketball world a month and a half after he was given the boot from the Raptors. Since his departure from Toronto after another underwhelming postseason run for the Raptors, Casey now finds himself as the Head Coach of the Detroit Pistons. He has now become the fourth coach in league history to win the award to not be coaching the same team for the next season joining Dolph Schayes (1965-66), Pat Riley (1989-90), and George Karl (2012-13).

The awards are based off the events of the regular season and are voted and the end of the same. But. They are announced to the world months after the regular season has ended. Had the Raptors put up a more of a fight against the Cavalier, or had they advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, Casey would have accepted the award as part of the Raptors franchise. Given the fact that he had already found a new job and was part of new franchise at the time he accepted the awards to make things more awkward. Casey addressed being fired in his speech. He did not show a hint of malice or spite and thanked the Pistons organization for the next chapter in his coaching career. 

The awards show also created an awkward moment for James Harden, who was awarded the NBA Regular Season MVP of the League. He was and has been the presumptuous MVP for months and had to wait to receive the award from Commissioner Adam Silver after he was beaten off his home floor in Game Seven of the Western Conference Finals. In previous years, the MVP received the award on the home floor. While he did receive the heaps of praise from everyone at the Awards show, it is nothing compared to the admiration he would have received from the 20,000 fans at the Toyota Center.

The NBA created the awards show to spotlight the awards in a Hollywood styled event. Though, it is doubtful that they could have predicted the number of awkward moments.  

Loser: Suits – Adults should be banned from wearing shorts with their suits

Draymond Green, LeBron James, Trae Young and now; the host of this years’ award show Anthony Anderson wore shorts with their suits. Adult males should not ever, EVER, wear shorts with their suits. They look like children, who are the only people allowed to wear the shorts. Adults cannot pull of shorts with their suits – though if they decide that this is a style that fits them, I’d recommended growing the muscles in their calves and applying lotion to their knees. Nobody wants to see chicken legs or ashy knee caps.

Aside from this, the league’s MVP wore Cow Print. It was not a suit jacket but for of an oversized trench coat. He had the support of his partner in crime Chris Paul so at least somebody likes his style. Victor Oladipo and Rudy Gobert wore suits that nobody should wear. I thought the MET Gala was an excuse to wear whatever the mind can conceive and all it fashion but then I turned my eye to the NBA Awards. I thought these guys were Millionaires who employ the services of people to make tailor made outfits. Clearly, they’ve got the wrong people working for them.    


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